5 recipes with eggs that you have never imagined possible

Blogging is a key marketing and brand development tool for any cause. It’s common practice for restaurants, catering companies, meal delivery services, private chefs, and other food and beverage businesses to turn to influential food-bloggers and use their audience to raise awareness for their business.

It’s important for these businesses to choose the influential bloggers in the market, or “influencers”. Popular food-bloggers, like all other successful bloggers, are able to draw a specific audience and build their reputation by consistently posting quality content. Over time, the blogger accumulates influence over some of their audience.


Consumers often build a connection with the blog host(s) they closely follow affecting their buying decisions. In the eyes of professional marketers, these influencers are key to spreading word of the company they represent to the appropriate buyer personas. This is what the blogger can “sell” to companies whose products and services they’d endorse or be sponsored by.

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